Mary Lynn (Rattermann) Knochelman, of Cincinnati, graciously supplied the following photos of gravestones in St. Joseph's Cemetery there.


We're still working to identify some.


From the birthdate this appears to be the grave of Johann Herman Gerd Ratermann (Berling)
One of Johann's sons. Uncle to 'H A' and later a partner with him and Peter Miller in the lumber business. 
These first three stones are of a later date than the inscriptions. 'H A' had money and think he might have supplied. In searching, the only person having children in Cincinnatti in the 1840's was Bernard, another son of Johann's and the ancestor of the famous George Ratterman.
Not yet known. Next one is of similar dates and stone style, would appear to be related.
Henry and wife Lizetta below. His father, Francis (abt 1840 Germany) and mother, Mary Stroumkamp (Germany).
 Louis and wife below.
Rose (Niehe) Rattermann, 100 years and 8 months !