Maternal - mtDNA

An mtDNA test (Maternal DNA) was done to determine Margaret's mtDNA haplogroup.

She is in Haplogroup 'W'.

Maternal DNA is passed, basically unchanged, from mother to daughter back to antiquity. Mutations can slightly alter the results.

Tracing the 'mothers' back:
  • Margaret Ratterman
  • Margaret Curley
  • Gertrude Krause
  • Anna Hartman ~1860 Stettin Germany (now Szczecin, Poland)

The technical results
  W for      |  HVR1 Mutations    |               HVR2 Mutations
Margaret  | 223T, 320T, 519C    |073G, 189G, 195C, 204C, 207A, 212C,
263G, 315.1C
Here's information for Haplogroup W.
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There were 4 close matches on mitoSearch, these maternal ancestor names / locations:

  • Rosalia Florek (~1850) Piekielnik, Poland
  • Beatrice Silveria was from Sao Jorge Azores and it was her        daughter that immigrated to the U.S. about 1897   
  • Kunegunda  Lasak (~1808) Podhale (mountain highland) area      of modern-day Poland, near Slovakian border. Szaflary parish.
  • Vera Schultz (~1908) Austria